Wednesday, November 9, 2011

About 1948: A Rights Forum

Since 2005, The Human Rights Institute at Georgetown Law has served as a forum for students, professors, and human rights practitioners to discuss current issues in human rights law. We created 1948 as a way to extend that conversation. The blog takes its name from the year the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly; in choosing our blog's name, we acknowledge that today's legal framework protecting human dignity flows from that document.
Our site will regularly feature pieces of analysis and discussion written by law students participating in our Human Rights Associates program. Through these pieces, students will look at current events and on-going injustices through the lens of international human rights law. In addition to their work, we will host pieces of commentary from professors, our Human Rights Institute staff, and occasionally outside practitioners. Our goal is to foster a discussion of domestic and international problems that is rooted in the framework of international human rights law. As in any discussion, the opinions and insights offered belong to the person offering them, rather than to the Human Rights Institute. We hope to be a forum in which those interested in human rights law may speak freely, and as a result, our writers may offer a wide array of diverse, and even occasionally contradictory, opinions.
The site is administered and edited by our Post-Graduate Fellow. To find out more about the Human Rights Institute, visit us on our website. For event announcements and updates on current events and human rights, follow us on Twitter.

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